North West Twelve-Bell Striking Competition

for the Westminster Shield

2018 Competition

The 2018 competition was held on Saturday 27th January at St Peter, Bolton, Lancashire.

Six bands took part, ringing 264 changes of Plain Bob Maximus.

The competition was won by Macclesfield (Blues).

1st Macclesfield (Blues) 73% Rang 5th2nd Chester (Devas) 72% Rang 4th3rd Liverpool 64% Rang 6th4th Manchester 60% Rang 3rd5th Chester (Festerers) 52% Rang 2nd6th Macclesfield (Silks) 50% Rung 1st
Congratulations Macclesfield (Blues) and everyone else who took part.
Chief judge: Simon LinfordAssistant judges: Ewan Hull and Alex Riley