North West Twelve-Bell Striking Competition

for the Westminster Shield

2017 Competition

The 2017 competition was held on Saturday 28th January at Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Chester Cathedral.

Six bands took part, ringing 220 changes of Grandsire Cinques (BBBBSx2).

The competition was won by Chester Cathedral.


Judged by Hawkear and committee judges.

Chief hawkear judge: Raymond Helliwell

Assistant hawkear judges: Ben Kellett, Jack Bendrey

Congratulations Chester Cathedral and everyone else who took part.


The winners of this first North West competition were decided by application of Hawkear. This software has been used extensively by the National 12-bell Competition for several years but never at Chester.

The installation of the hardware and testing was carried out in 2016, and it was considered sufficiently reliable to notify the bands that the results would be determined entirely on the output from the Rod Model analysis. Despite this, the competition was really organised to raise awareness and enthusiasm for 12-bell ringing, so representatives from each band were asked to judge the ringing. This, for several, was the first time they had had the opportunity to sit outside quietly and listen critically to 12-bell ringing. Their results were amalgamated to provide a back-up in case of technical failure of recording the test pieces. In the event, the technology performed perfectly.

Hawkear and the human judges agreed on the top two teams, though there was a difference of opinion for the remaining four. Both Hawkear and judges’ results were presented to the teams, but, as planned, the Hawkear output was the decider and the results are above.

In terms of the event itself, I am sure there were many who should be thanked, but without the extensive advice from Ian McCallion and Dave Richards, Hawkear installation and operation would have been impossible. Now it remains in position to help improve our ringing on a routine basis at Chester.

Other information provided at the results presentation, just for the record :

Judges comments for each band:
Band 1. Pushed on a little too much making leading difficult. Tenor was left stranded sometimes.Band 2. Tenor parted from middle bells. Quite good, spoilt by clips.Band 3. Accumulated faults steadily throughout. Slow backstroke leads by the back bells.Band 4. Tenor set good beat. Good rhythm throughout. Occasional hesitations.Band 5. Steadily improved after an unsteady start. Gaps between 11 and 12.Band 6. Consistent with no major faults. Most minor clips.
Band One - Chester Diocesan Guild 1. John Hyden2. Jenny Christian3. Christine Broadley4. Paul Hunter5. Rich Westman6. Simon Christian7. Duncan Hyde (c)8. Ben Kellet9. Peter Barker10. Peter Wilkinson11. Andrew Rawlinson12. Craig Chaplow

Band Two - Shrewsbury

1. Dawn Offen2. Gail Lawrence3. Gillian Glover4. Jacqui Barden5. Nick Green6. Biff Patterson7. Jad Bienek8. Maurice Ingram9. John Neal10. Mike Wilshaw11. Matthew Lawrence12. Alan Glover
Band Three - LACR (Liverpool Branch) 1. Claire Mitchell2. Helen Taylor3. L Martin Daniels4. Haley Barnett5. Mark Collings6. Russell Scudamore7. David Thomas8. Ray Hutchings9. Nick Willasey10. Luke Marshall11. Len Mitchell12. Liam Craddock
Band Four -Liverpool 1. Lucy Bricheno2. Philippa Stokoe3. Carrie Hyde4. Haley Barnett5. David Baverstock6. Helen Taylor7. James Hibbert8. David Thomas9. Jack Bendrey10. Len Mitchell11. Russell Scudamore12. Peter Furniss
Band Five - Macclesfield1. Anne Orme2. Lucy Bricheno3. Carol Marchbank4. Christine Broadley5. Helen Foster6. Sarah Jacot7. Kevin Rogers8. David Friend9. Jeffrey Brannan10. Melanie Curwen11. James Marchbank (c)12. Trevor Marchbank
Band Six - Chester 1. Liz Helliwell2. Fiona Harrison3. Jenny Christian4. Diana Anderson5. Paul Hunter6. Carrie Hyde7. Jack Bendrey (c)8. Ray Helliwell9. Brian Harris10. Simon Christian11. Peter Furniss12. Andrew Rawlinson